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We are looking to you for help on this year’s R.J. Matthews Haulage Dixies Challenge Rally.  

We need as many people to come along and assist. Whatever your skill level, we can find a suitable role for you.  It can be arranged for any new marshals to be teamed with a suitably trained person for the day.

May we recommend that everyone undertakes the Motorsport UK online training and accreditation, which ensures everyone has the basic skills needed. This can be done by going to the Motorsport UK website by clicking the button below.





To offer your services on the event, please email our Chief Marshal at or complete the form below (same form for marshals and radio operators).



Many thanks


Adam Kettley

Chief Marshal

As a marshal you could very well be the first on the scene of an accident on a stage, do you know what to do? Some basic actions by you, until professional help arrives, could save a life. This video, aimed at competitors provides advice on what to do when you are First on Scene.   

Please scan this QR Code to access the full Health & Safety Briefing issued by the Defence Training Estate

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